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Exclusive to Love In Bright Landscapes: David McComb tribute CD
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Deep in a Dream assembles remarkable interpretations of the late David McComb's songs, recorded live at Melbourne's Corner Hotel. 

 Hear The Blackeyed Susans' live version of one of McComb's last ever compositions, The Good Life Never Ends, and the only ever live performance of the song that named them, Blackeyed Susan. Plus!  interpretations by Charles Jenkins, Shackelton, The Mime Set The Diving Bell and Melbourne poet Sean M Whelan's reading of the David McComb poem Behind the Garages of This Country.  Captured at an overwhelmingly successful benefit show , 100% of the album proceeds go to finishing Love in Bright Landscapes. 


**** (Four Stars) "A haunting reminder of a towering talent....a poet of Dylanesque proportions with a uniquely Australian outlook. A must for fans, an education for the uninitiated." Chris Murray, MAG


Brilliant songwriter and lead singer of the Triffids, David McComb died in 1999 leaving behind a legacy of evocative music. Always more than a pop musician, McComb was a perceptive poet who explored and confronted addiction, pop culture, the colloquial and the metaphysical.

Collected and published for the first time, this is the poetry McComb wrote during his 20s and 30s when the Triffids’ musical output was at its height.

Introduced by renowned poet John Kinsella, the poems will delight fans of popular music and contemporary poetry alike. Beautiful Waste illuminates a hitherto neglected aspect of McComb’s creative brilliance.

‘You get the feeling he could hate and love to excess, but his poetry melds these extremes …’ — John Kinsella

It has been decades since David McComb’s haunting music and lyrics inspired a generation. Now, thanks to sold-out tribute concerts Australia-wide and the remastering of the complete Triffids oeuvre, a new generation is discovering his life’s work. Editors Chris Coughran and Niall Lucy bring together friends, family and fans in this book of stories, poems and artworks about the Triffids.

Contributors include: Jonathan Alley, Jill Birt, Martyn Casey, David Cavanagh, Nick Cave, Claire Colebrook, Chris Coughran, Laurie Duggan, John Dyer, Robert Forster, Richard Gunning, Megan Heyward, Thomas Hoareau, Tracee Hutchison, Phil Kakulas, Steve Kilbey, John Kinsella, Graham Lee, Judith Lucy, Niall Lucy, Alsy MacDonald, Andrew McGowan, Robert McComb, Gavin Martin, Steve Miller, Denise Nestor, David Nichols, Rob Snarski, Jon Stratton and more.


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