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Cast & Crew: Cast & Crew

About the Team 

JONATHAN ALLEY  Director/Writer


Love in Bright Landscapes Writer/Director Jonathan Alley interviewed David McComb in 1994, about his solo album Love of Will. He’d previously been struck by McComb’s undeniable charisma and power as a live performer, a seemingly effortless visage that saw him stand head and shoulders over his peers.  He wondered why McComb wasn’t globally recognised as the unique figure he so evidently cut.


When McComb died in 1999 aged 36, he wondered why the story of such a patently brilliant man had ended so tragically. But the songs remained: he dived in and is yet to emerge.


A radio broadcaster for 32 years (Triple R, Radio National) , he originally trained in drama and performance, mounted a photography exhibition, wrote about the arts as freelancer, and worked in film/DVD distribution for 11 years, before later becoming a full -time music journalist.   Love in Bright Landscapes is his first film.



Danielle Karalus is a creative producer, director, DOP and editor, who has worked across TV series, live comedy, documentaries, film & DVD distribution, corporate video, online education, social media content, livestream video and multi-camera events. She is a graduate of VCA School of Film and Television and worked for Madman Entertainment for eight years as Head of their Video Production department.


In 2010, Danielle founded her film and video production company, Atticus Media, creating 1000s of hours of content for clients with 100s of clients. As an interactive film & multimedia artist, her works have been presented and exhibited in Australia and internationally at leading digital media arts festivals.

Danielle produced and directed two 10 part series of Warehouse Comedy Festival for ABC2 featuring some of the best known comedians in Australia, including Hannah Gadsby, Eddie Perfect, Fear Of a Brown Planet, Celia Pacquola and many more. She has been working with Jonathan Alley on the Love in Bright Landscapes project since 2008.



Tait has worked in a range of roles within the Australian industry for more than 30 years – spanning creative development, production, distribution, marketing, exhibition and curation. As a producer, over the last 9 years, he has co-produced 11 projects across features, documentary and web series. 

In addition to his Producing projects, Tait established the boutique distributor Label in 2014, specialising (mainly) in Australian projects.

Tait was Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival for 9 years (1988-96) and subsequently General Manager of the leading independent distributor  Palace Films (1996-2004); and Feature Film Evaluation Manager at the Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC) from 2004-09.

As a Producer, his films include the features Healing (2014), The 25th Reich (2013), The BBQ (2018), Brothers’ Nest (2018-EP), A Guide To Dating At The End Of The World (2020) and  I Met A Girl (2020-EP); and the Feature Docs Suzi Q (2019), Tom Wills (2016-EP), Defend Conserve Protect (2019-EP) and I’m Wanita (2021)



Cast List 

Graham Lee

Alsy MacDonald

Rob McComb

John McComb

Jill Birt

Martyn P.Casey

DBC Pierre 

Mat Snow 

Lenny Kaye

Sally Collins 

Paul Kelly

Phil Kakulas

Rob Snarski

Richard Kingsmill

Harold & Athel McComb

Will Akers

Julian Wu

Richard Gunning

Julian Douglas-Smith

Lynden Barber

Adam Peters

Dave Faulkner

Nick Mainsbridge

Niall Lucy

Joanne Alach 

Bill Dunbar   

Thomas Hoareau

Stephen Street

Lena Gavelin

Carlos von Hijfte

Crew List 

Archive Producer              LISA SAVAGE 

Music Co-Ordinator        GARY SEEGER

Cinematographer              DANIELLE KARALUS 

Colourist/Online Editor   THANASSI PANAGIOTARAS

Sound Designer                 EMMA BORTIGNON 

Sound Supervisor               PAUL SHANAHAN 

Editor                                   TONY STEVENS 

Executive Producers         ROBERT McCOMB, SHAUN MILLER 

Writer                                   JONATHAN ALLEY 

Producers                            DANIELLE KARALUS, TAIT BRADY 

Director                               JONATHAN ALLEY

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