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Too Worldly for Australia, Too Australian for the World

LOVE IN BRIGHT LANDSCAPES is the inspiring, tragic and intimate life story of David McComb, cult Australian singer/songwriter and driving force behind one of the greatest Australian bands, The Triffids. Love in Bright Landscapes reveals the man behind the music; and McComb’s status as a quintessentially Australian artist. 


The tragedy and triumph of McComb’s short, driven, passionate life is brought to the screen via music, poetry, letters, and unseen family-archives. McComb’s poetry and newly discovered letters are read by Man Booker prize-winning Australian novelist DBC Pierre (Vernon God Little, 2003) accompanied by beautifully restored 35mm slides, evocative home movies and heart-rending interviews with musicians, friends and family.

Support the completion of LOVE IN BRIGHT LANDSCAPES,

as we charge to the finish line!

Thirteen (yes 13!) years in the making, LOVE IN BRIGHT LANDSCAPES is finally nearing completion for an August 2021 Premiere in Australia; and then out into the wider world. Which means we are in the last stage of production - “delivery” – also known as “hell”! This is the stage where all the money is required, the culmination of years of work, in creating the final masters for cinema and broadcast, the final trailer, marketing materials, and digital extras.​

Our long term crowdfunding campaign with DAF(Documentary Australia Foundation) has been incredibly successful and we are currently 97% funded, which sees us now with 2 months to go and just the last $10,000 to raise.


Contributions via DAF are completely tax-deductible  - and commencing in July we will be making available for all contributors exclusive online access to additional content that we have shot in the course of making the film, but which won’t make it into the final cut - not to mention updates on its progress and advance notice of any screenings.


Without the many hundreds of people who have supported us to date, we would never have been able to get the film to the stage it is. A heartfelt thank you from the LIBL team to all the generous souls that have supported the film already.

See the direct link below to the DAF site, to support the film to its fruition.

Photo: Tony Mott

A heartfelt thank you from the LIBL team to all the generous souls that have supported the film already.


Photo: Andrew Catlin

Deep in a Dream 

An evening with The Songs of David McComb with The Blackeyed Susans, Charles Jenkins  & More 

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Photo: Tony Mott

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